New Year, New Directions!

15 Jan 2015

Suikerdepôt proudly presents the next generation. New talent ready to burst into the commercial scene!

Mea de Jong

Mea’s skills and craft center around observing and exposing interhuman relations within its finest details. She is able to combine psychology with refined atmospherical esthetics, always subtle but provocotive at the same time. Her films come from an authenticity that is truly powerful. And we think it's that authenticity that resonates with a large audience. Mea is definitely one to watch.

Nico van den Brink 

Before entering film school Nico studied film at the University of Amsterdam, making him a well-oriented and versatile director. Nico has a preference for deadpan comedy with a sharp edge, doesn't shy away from dark humor preferably executed in unique offbeat storytelling. His work shows great visual artistry and a keen eye for detail making him a great promise and we are proud to represent him.


Suikerdepôt wishes you the jolliest of days!

19 Dec 2014

Written and directed by Nico van den Brink. Now proudly represented by Suikerdepôt.

Balthazar - Bert Hana | Caspar - Kendrick Etmon | Melchior - Tomer Pawlicki | Jozef - Anne Stam | Maria - Eleni Achilleos

Producers - Beau van Assem & Paul Harting | Creative Producers - Werner Damen & Anne-Britt de Jong | First Assistant Director - Jurre Wieten | Director of Photography - Kasper de Bont | Focus Puller - Kasper Stegeman | Gaffer - Douwe Hennink | Electricians - Dennis Vlot, Simon Meesters & Michel Rosendaal | Art Director - Lois Beker | Make-Up Artist - Nikki de Vries @ Angelique Hoorn Management | Editor - Xander Nijsten | Colour Grader - George Balatoni & Hectic Electric | Sound Designer - Rens Pluijm @ The Ambassadors | Visual Effects - Bas Moonen @ Hectic Electric

Special Thanks 
Camera Rentals | Grip Enterprises | Lux & Co | Hectic Electric | The Ambassadors | Hoekstra Portofoons | Locatiewerk | Rijmond Zijp | Marijke Schmitz | John Doornik Casting | Sjoerd Didden | Jelier & Schaaf | Philip Rölig | Richard Schreefel | Noah Pepper